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$5 per month reoccurring payment

Retiree $48 per year

General $60 per year

All memberships include a "Historian" Phoenix Police Museum newsletter and collector item every year.  In addition, you receive 10% discount at the museum gift store.



Museum Fundraiser with Fry's Food Store

Support the Museum when you use your Fry's VIP card.  The Phoenix Police Museum is now part of the Fry's Food Store Community Rewards Program. Every time you shop for groceries and swipe your Fry's card, the museum will receive a donation.  There is no cost to you and you continue to earn your VIP points, simply link your Fry's VIP card to the museum rewards account.

Fry's Community Rewards
 So far we have raised over $1830.00 with 92 households signing up for this program so far this year.  Our goal is to increase it to 200 persons by the end of the next quarter!

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Support the Museum Elevator Restoration

Help us to continue to provide a quality museum experience us as we restore the Phoenix Police Jail elevator.  This elevator will allow us to expand the museum into the fifth floor jail for tours.  This was also the jail Ernest Miranda (Miranda Decision) was jailed in after his confession and arrest.

Jail Elevator Restoration Donation

 Consider donating to the "Jail Restoration Project today"!

Dets checking evidence 1930

Support the Museum with a One Time Donation

The museum does not charge admission so that no one is prevented from visiting the museum.  The museum operates through the generosity of its visitors, contributions from over 1,800 Phoenix Police and city Employees, retired Police Employees, individuals, businesses, and organizations.

One time Donation

Help us to continue to provide a quality museum experience.

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