Exciting Exhibits for all


See Phoenix's first Marshal's Office and Jail:

Explore the rich history of the early years of the Phoenix Police Department which started as city marshals.  This exhibit is a mock of an old wood and brick marshals office complete with a jail, Marshal Garfias, and his prisoner Ottis.


Arizona Rangers:

Learn about early law enforcement of the Arizona Ranger and their tools of their trade.  These men were as rough and surly as the very criminals they chased throughout the state.

]old center

Early Law Enforcement:

Here you can view the original small townsite of Phoenix on a picturesque map and some of the early wrist irons (handcuffs).  In addition you can view the early star badges of that time as well as rifles and six shooters.

line up guns


1900-1920 Law Enforcement:

Learn first hand about the beginnings on law enforcement in Phoenix and the basic tools of the trade that officers used walking a beat.


motors 1940


Police Work After WWII:

Many changes to police work occurred after World War II, form uniforms to weapons.  The department began to become more standardized in its academy, training and policies.



Be sworn in as a police officer while at the museum:

Children of all ages can try on a real Phoenix Police uniform and get sworn in as a police officer while visiting the museum.  Don't forget to get your coloring book, crayons and your own sticker badge before you leave.


Learn about Phoenix's connection to the Miranda Case:

In the late evening hours of March 3rd, 1963 a young Phoenix woman was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and robbed while walking from a bus stop. Ten days later, on March 13th, 1963, Ernesto Miranda was arrested by the Phoenix Police for the assault. This set in motion a series of court hearings which resulted in a U.S. Supreme Court decision that would impact interviews between law enforcement and those suspected of crimes.

Phoenix PD museum helicopter_1468972228317_42734045_ver1.0_900_675


Police Helicopters, Cars And Motorcycles:

Inside the museum you will see a 1919 Model T police car, police motorcycles, bomb robots, and even a full size helicopter.  We even have a fully size police car for children of all ages to play in.  See if you can guess how we got all those vehicles in our museum! 


Phoenix PD Museum Badges_1468970736822_42732812_ver1.0_900_675


Patches And Badges:

Check out our display of uniform patches from around the world.  See if you can find your city or town in our collection.  We also have an exhibit of the progression of our Police Departments patches and badges over the years.


radio room 2

Calling All Cars:

In the museum you will be able to see our first radio microphone used for one-way communication to the patrol cars as well as an early switchboard to take calls to dispatch the police.


new tech


Technology Changes Through The Years:

The museum has many displays of how technology was incorporated into police work over the years, from computers to tasers.  Just imagine what law enforcement will be next in the future.





An exciting exhibit on the Special Assignments Unit (SWAT) is a must for all visitors to see.  See why they are such a well training unit ready to take on threats to the public. 




Breaking Barriers In Law Enforcement:

Several decades ago it was unheard of to have a female serving as a police officer.  View some of the uniforms and equipment that these women worn in their early history.




Red or Blue wire?:

View some of our retired bomb robots up close and other equipment used to keep the public, as well as the Bomb Technician safe.



dui tech

Breath Test Technology Over The Years:

Some of the most interesting and strange looking breath testing devises are on display.  Check out the old chart used to evaluate the intoxication level of a person.



9-1-1 Remembrance:

With the help of the New York City Fire Department and an endorsement from Public Safety Manager (Chief Jack Harris) the Phoenix Police Museum received a 300+ pound section of cross member I-beam from one of the towers from the World Trade Center. Museum Curator Lt. Mike Nikolin (Retired) was in NYC and met with officials there to obtain a donation for the police museum’s 9-11 memorial display.


Memorial Room:

Visit the memorial room exhibit to honor 'Those who have passed before us'.  Dedicated to the Phoenix Police Employees who have made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.  There is also a exhibit honoring our K-9 partners who had duty in the line-of-duty.